How to get the key

Stadard DNT-lock.
Stadard DNT-lock. Foto: Bjørn Forselv

All cabins, except Vokterboligen og Storsteinshytta, are locked by a standard DNT-key.

The key can be bought at Visit Narvik at Det 4. Hjørnet, Kongensgate 41-43, 8515 Narvik.
You can also order the key by writing to NOT.

Storsteinshytta has its own key which can be borrowed at Jørn Kåre Sommerseth, tel . +4776 95 12 96, mob. +47 480 84 112.

The key for Vokterboligen and information about this cabin can be obtained from Sven Erik Ervand, tel. +47 473 01 514.