Cabin info

Main cabin at Cunojávri
Main cabin at Cunojávri Foto: Bjorn Forselv
  • The cabins can be hired all year round.
  • They are locked by a standard DNT-key, they are no-service cabins with no provisions. Vokterboligen and Storsteinshytta have a key of their own.
  • All visitors have to registrate their name in the visitor protocol on arrival at the cabin.
  • All the cabins are situated about one day trip from each other and  they are located 600 to 1000 metres above sea level. Treeline in this area is at 550 meters above sea level.
  • You cannot book a bed in advance at NOT’s cabins, except at Vokterboligen and Storsteinshytta.
  • All guests have the same right to an overnight stay. Those who have already stayed for one night have to give the bed to the next guest if all beds are occupieded. There are extra mattresses to be used if all beds are occupieded.
  • All cabins have a duvet and a pillow in the beds. Overnight guests must bring their own sleeping bed liner/sleepingbag and a pillow case.
  • All cabins are fully equipped with kitchen ware and a gas stove for cooking. Wood is used for heating. Pay attention to the danger of fire when using candles. Bring your own food, toilet paper and matches.
  • Most cabins have 12v solar panels.
  • In winter, you get drinking water by melting snow or drill a hole in the nearby lake. There is a hand ice drill at all cabins.
  • In winter, sled dogs should be parked at least 100 meter from the nearest cabin, and of course not close to the drinking water.
  • You have to bring all your garbage with you when you leave the cabin.

Cunojavrihytta in winter with northen light (Aurora Borealis)
Cunojavrihytta in winter with northen light (Aurora Borealis) Foto: Bjorn Forselv